"Cheers" - W1, 11x14
"Brown Estates" - W2, 14x11. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Marti Brown.
"Cheers" - W3, 11x14
"The Prisoner" - W4, 14x11. Collection of Ms. Cindi Hunt.
"Clos Du Val" - W6, 14x11. Collection of Ms. Penny O'Halloran.
W8 Untitled. 11x14 inches. Private collection.
"Goose Ridge" - W10, 14x11. Collection of Ms. Karen Huck.
"Cheers" - W11, 11x14.
"Braccalencia" - W12, 14x11. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Lilly Vallencia.
"Nickel and Nickel" - W14, 14x11. Collection of Ms. Lindsay Woods.
"Penfolds Grange" - W16, 14x11. Collection of Mrs. Peggy Bacca.
"Root: 1" - W18, 14x11. Collection of Mrs. Peggy Bacca.
"Penfolds Grange" W20, 14x11. Collection of The Artist.
"Story Winery" - W22, 14x11. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Amy Petersen.
"Weisinger’s Mescolare" - W23, 14x11. Collection of Mr. Scott Miller.
"The Happiness Project" - W24, 14x11.
"Massimo" - W25, 14x11. Collection of Ms. Tiffany Miller.
"Cheers" - W26, 11x14.
"Flip-Flops" - W27, 14x11. Collection of Ms. Tina Young.
"Cheers" - W28, 11x14.
"Centine Toscana" W29, 24x20. Collection of The Artist.
"Cheers" - W30, 11x14.
"Walter Clore" - W31, 14x11. Collection of Mrs. Peggy Bacca.
"Cheers" - W32, 11x14.
"Schuetz" - W33, 11x14. Collection of Mr. John J. Sullivan.
"Cheers" - W34, 14x11.
"Cheers" - W35, 11x14.
"Cheers" - W36, 14x11.
"Cheers" - W37, 20x30. 30" x 48" print in collection of Conrad Hilton Hotel in Dubai, U.A.E
"Cheers" - W38, 11x14.
"Cheers" - W39, 10x8. Collection of Fair View Lodge, Mesa Verde National Park, CO.
"Cheers" - W40, 10x8
"Cheers" - W41, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W49, 20x24
"Cheers" - W43, 20x24
"Cheers" - W44, 20x24
"Cheers" - W45, 20x24. Collection of The Artist.
"Cheers" - W46, 20x24
"Cheers" - W47, 20x24
"Cheers" - W48, 20x24
"Cheers" - W49, 20x24
"Cheers" - W50, 20x24
"Cheers" - W51, 20x24
"Cheers" - W52, 20x20
"Cheers" - W53, 14x11. Collection of Naked Winery, Hood River, OR.
"Cheers" - W54, 24x20.
"Cheers" - W55, 10x18
"Cheers" - W56, 14x11.
"Cheers" - W57, 14x11
"Telluride Wine Festival" - W58, 24x20. Commissioned by Telluride Wine Festival for use on promotional materials.
"Aspen & Wine" - W59, 24x20.
"Cheers" - W60, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W61, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W62, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W63, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W64, 24x20.
"Cheers" - W65, 11x14.
"Cheers" - W66, 11x14.
"Cheers" - W67, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W68, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W69, 20x12.
"Cheers" - W70, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W71, 20x12.
"Cheers" - W72, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W73, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W74, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W75, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W76, 14x11.
"Cheers" - W77, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W78, 24x20.
"Cheers" - W79, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W80, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W81, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W82, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W83, 24x20.
"Cheers" - W84, 20x24.
"Cheers" - W85, 20x24
"Cheers" - W86, 20x24
"Cheers" - W87, 14x11
"Cheers" - W88, 20x24
"Cheers" - W89, 20x24
"Cheers" - W90, 20x24
"Cheers" - W91, 20x24
"Cheers" - W92, 20x24
"Cheers" - W93, 20x24
"Cheers" - W94, 20x24
"Cheers" - W95, 20x24
"Cheers" - W96, 20x24
"Cheers" - W97, 14x11
"Cheers" - W98, 11x14
"Cheers" - W99, 24x20
"Cheers" - W100, 20x24
"Cheers" - W101, 20x24
"Cheers" - W102, 24x20.
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